A masterclass to help you feel empowered by your body, improve your metabolic health with weightlifting, and make exercise a natural part of your life


Let’s say “peace out” to off/on workouts and obsessing over cellulite.


Start feeling like superwoman in and out of the gym.



Hi, I’m Megan!


Hi, I’m Estelle!

ACE CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist, Life Coach


We've both been in your shoes.

You struggle to be consistent with exercise.

They only time you are, is when you reach a new level of discomfort with your body.

You go for it – hard – always sweaty and sore after workouts – feeling like you’re finally making progress.

But then the motivation fades.

You start doubting if it’s even the right thing for you.

And then the cycle restarts.


Exercise to feel like a simple and natural part of life.

To know exactly what to do, why to do it, and KNOW that it will bring results.

To feel in harmony with your body and trust it’s ability to care for you.

To be like superwoman – you can handle anything that comes your way with clarity and confidence.


The mindset work she guides you though, everyone should experience.


“Before starting to work with Megan I did workouts that weren’t focused on me, binged on the weekends, and didn’t know what my body was telling me in the form of “biofeedback”. I absolutely would recommend working with Megan. Her knowledge in both training and nutrition is top notch. The mindset work she guides you through, everyone should experience. Learning how to listen to your body in regards to sleep, stress, and digestion is invaluable.”

– Lauren B

Estelle has helped me heal from fad diets and workout routines that were unsustainable.


“Working with Estelle couldn’t have come at a better time.  I lost my health routine a few years ago and it was even further exacerbated due to the pandemic.  Estelle has helped me heal from fad diets and workout routines that were unsustainable and gave me the tools I needed to pick myself up and take control of my lifestyle!  She helped me see that my body is really cool and to stop punishing myself and to enjoy the journey to health and the seasons of my body.”

– Melysa D.

We've teamed up to help you do this.


  •  You can start exercising from an a place of empowerment and being built up, not being broken down.


  •  You can develop the mindset needed to make exercise a desirable part of your life, not something that gets crammed into your schedule 4 months out of the year.


  •  You can walk into the gym (or your home gym) with your head high knowing EXACTLY what to do and why to do it, not spending endless hours scrolling Youtube for the perfect “booty blaster.”


  •  You can feel energized and refreshed after your workouts, not sweaty, sore, and exhausted with little-no results to show for it.


  •  You will gain an understanding of what is actually needed to give you that “toned” look that so many women are chasing.


  •  You’ll be able to ditch the idea that intense exercise is too hard for women and you’ll know how to support your body through the process. 



Say "HELLO" to

  •  Incorporating exercise as a part natural part of life


  •  Simple workouts that leave you energized with minimal-no soreness


  •  Having a clear workout plan


  •  Excitement around the gym and lifting weights


  •  Clarity around what needs to happen to be “toned”


  •  Tools to help you improve your metabolic health and how to support your CNS

Say "GOODBYE" to

  •  Indefinitely hopping on and off the workout train


  •  Sweaty and sore workouts with no results


  •  Getting all your workouts off youtube and pinterest


  •  Being afraid of weights and the gym


  •  Feeling confused about what type of exercise is best for “toning”


  •  Feeling confused about what type of exercise is best for metabolic health & your CNS



We teach you about the mindset needed to elicit lasting change and enjoy the process.


We remove the fear behind weightlifting and teach you where to start.


We teach you about the why’s behind pro-metabolic fitness and how to reduce CNS fatigue.

Mastering Mindset and Fitness for the Pro-Metabolic Lifestyle


"I have worked with other trainers in the past, but this by far the best experience I have had!"


“Megan has taught me how to include all kinds of foods in a balanced way, helped improve my relationship with eating.  I’m feeling my confidence grow in the gym, I am physically stronger and seeing muscle definition!  My fav part has been daily gratitude, improving my self talk and learning to listen to my body. I have worked with other trainers in the past, but this is by far the best experience I have had!”

– Emily N.

"I signed up with Estelle and it's completely life changing."

“It has improved my mental, emotional, and physical health BIG TIME!  I’ve learned to enjoy the journey and to be kinder to myself in the process.  Anybody who is on the fence about signing up for coaching, I was there too.  I signed up with Estelle and it’s completely life changing.  And I feel like I can definitely confidently maintain sustainable health practices and reach all the goals I set out for myself.  SIGN UP.”

– Happy Client


So now you might be thinking...


  • I know what I need to do, I’m just having trouble doing it.

It’s true that there is a wealth of information out there to help you make the changes you want to make.  But if it hasn’t worked yet, that means the information you have is insufficient, or else it would have worked.  This masterclass is going to fill in some of those gaps.


  • I’ve heard weightlifting is too hard for women trying to heal their hormones.

We’ve heard that too.  But as fitness professionals we can confidently tell you this is misinformation.  The person spreading it may have had good intentions.  But they were misinformed.  Weightlifting done properly can potentially assist in healing hormonal imbalances.


  • How is this different from other things I’ve done?

Have you ever been educated on the cycle of change or habit development? Do you know the mindset it takes to make changes a part of your life and enjoy the process?  Do you thoroughly understand why weightlifting and muscle mass is essential for optimal metabolic function? Do you know how to identify a good workout from a not so good one? Do you know how to utilize other all lifestyle elements to support your pro-metabolic fitness journey?

That is what we are teaching you.


  • How long is the training? 

The training 75 minutes long.

Check Out What Our Girls Have Said

"I am smiling though all the progress."


“I am smiling through the progress!  I have gained so much over the last year with Megan.  I have learned how to intuitively eat and train around my monthly cycle  (Being a female is hard sometimes!) and how important focusing on nourishment and adequate rest is for transformation.”

– Brooklyn M.

"I no longer workout as punishment. I want to take care of my body and health."

“I loved Estelle’s program!  I went into thinking that I would learn “tricks” on how to improve my habits, and mostly just working out.  But the experience was so much more than that!  What I got wasn’t just workouts and lectures on good habits, it was finding out the why behind my current ones and gaining the tools and foundation  to reach my goals.  Most of all my mindset has changed.  I no longer workout as punishment for my body or eating habits.  I workout because I want to take care of my body and health.  I do it now for me.”

– Aubry R.


Imagine this...


1 year from now exercise is just a part of your life.

You wake up feeling refreshed, energized, you don’t dread getting dressed or looking in the mirror.

You enjoy your workouts at the gym and watch yourself consistently getting stronger.

You have a confidence that radiates and everyone is asking what your secret is.

You’re able to flip through workouts and easily identify which ones are suitable for you, and which ones aren’t.

You finally are starting to appreciate what your body is doing for you even though you may still have some cellulite, or arm fat, but because you experience all that it does for you on a daily basis.

You are LIVING LIFE in your body.


"I am stronger, more disciplined, and have a positive body image."


“I have learned so much working with Megan, from nutrition, how to properly fuel for my training sessions to improving recovery, and proper form at the gym.  I am stronger, more disciplined and have a positive body image.  I highly recommend working with her.  It’s great having the support and accountability!”

– Shan

"I can never full express how grateful I am to you for all of your hard work, dedication, and support on this journey."

“Thank you so much Estelle for all the support and amazing information.  It has had such a positive impact on my life and I can never fully express how grateful I am to you for all of your hard work, dedication and support on this journey.  Building a positive relationship with food and exercise has been something I have deeply struggled with.  Now moving forward I have the tools to build the habits and mindset to keep moving forward in a positive way.”

– Happy Client



"I wish I could give this to other people."

I’m so happy to have found you when I did.  I see my progress from last year, with push-ups and lifting weights. OMG I’m like who is this strong beast of a women before me lol like I’m seeing my progress.  I’m enjoying THE ACTUAL process.  I never thought I’d be able to do this and stick to it.  the changes I’m making are absolutely wonderful!  Like I wish I could give this to other people but you literally have to want it for yourself to experience it.  I get why you do this now.”

– Marissa D.

Mastering Mindset and Fitness for the Pro-Metabolic Lifestyle


Please note: This is a replay of the masterclass

  • The replay of the masterclass with Estelle and Megan that you can keep forever
  • A workbook to take notes in and personalize the information you learn in the class