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Everything You Need to Know About Weightlifting (before you start weightlifting) MASTERCLASS

avoid all the most common rookie mistakes so you can sail into the next phase in your journey with a solid foundation for those strength gains

What you'll get:

  • [ masterclass taught by CPT and Fitness Educator, Estelle held March 10th 10am PST]
  • [ a replay of the class you keep forever ]
  • [ BONUS: guidebook with class key points and place for note taking ]

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Does this sound like you?

  • You're following workouts you save on Instagram, but are constantly swapping out exercises.
  • You walk into the gym (or your home gym) with no clue what weight to start with.
  • You want to lift heavier weight but you're afraid of getting injured.
  • The workouts you do leave you more sweaty and exhausted instead of strong and energized.
  • You have no clue what to eat before and after workouts and are worried your nutrition is making your workouts too stressful for your body.


But imagine this...

  • You know all the exercises that are worth your time and which ones aren't.
  • You know how to find your starting weight for each movement and when to increase it.
  • You know what aspects of form matter and which ones don't.
  • You working LESS but seeing MORE strength gains from your workouts.
  • You have pre- and post- workout snacks that give you the perfect amount of fuel and leave you feeling well-nourished.



  • How much weight to lift
  • How often you should be lifting 
  • The best exercise for full-body strength and time-efficiency
  • What to eat before and after lifting 
  • How and when to include cardio
  • When and how form matters
  • What to do about tightness and pain
  • How and when to swap exercises
  • ...AND MORE!