$37.00 USD

Mastering Mindset and Fitness for the Pro-Metabolic Lifestyle (The Masterclass)

a masterclass to help you feel empowered by your body, improve your metabolic health with weightlifting, and make exercise a natural part of your life

What you'll get:

  • a replay of the 75-min masterclass taught by Megan and Estelle
  • a complimentary workbook to take notes and personalize the information taught in the class 

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What People Are Saying:

“Working with Estelle couldn’t have come at a better time.  I lost my health routine a few years ago and it was even further exacerbated due to the pandemic.  Estelle has helped me heal from fad diets and workout routines that were unsustainable and gave me the tools I needed to pick myself up and take control of my lifestyle!  She helped me see that my body is really cool and to stop punishing myself and to enjoy the journey to health and the seasons of my body.”

Melysa D.

“Before starting to work with Megan I did workouts that weren’t focused on me, binged on the weekends, and didn’t know what my body was telling me in the form of “biofeedback”. I absolutely would recommend working with Megan. Her knowledge in both training and nutrition is top notch. The mindset work she guides you through, everyone should experience. Learning how to listen to your body in regards to sleep, stress, and digestion is invaluable.”

Lauren B