Why Intrinsic Goal Setting Will Actually Work For You

Nov 13, 2023

If the term “intrinsic” is unfamiliar to you, you’re probably thinking “here we go, another goal setting technique claiming to change my life that I’m going to forget about in a week.”

Well, I’m not guaranteeing that this will change your life… but I am saying that if you want to change any part of your life, especially fitness, this is the best and most efficient way to do it. 

First, let’s talk about intrinsic VS. extrinsic goals.

Extrinsic goals are motivated by external influences. For example, working out because you want your legs to look like Kendall Jenner’s. Or showing up to work everyday simply because you want to earn money.

Intrinsic goals however, are motivated by internal influences such as core values and passions. For example, working out because you feel like if your legs look more toned, you would stop holding yourself back from exciting opportunities due to a lack of confidence. Or showing up to work everyday because the work you do fills you with a purpose.


How is this different from any other type of goal setting? 

Every decision we make as humans, whether we like it or not, is an emotional decision. There is always a deeper reason than we realize as to why we make the decisions we make, and why we do the things that we do.

Intrinsic motivational goal setting pushes you to dive deeper into that “true why” behind your goal. 

If you take the time to completely open up your mind and dig deep into the core of who you want to be, and why you want to be that person, that’s where your intrinsic goals will come from.

Thinking about these goals should light a fire within you because they were drawn from your passions. And if your daily actions come from the pillars your goals are taken from, you will no doubt achieve them one day.

I encourage you to dig deeper into the “true why” behind your goals whether it be fitness, health, financial or personal, because if you to focus on intrinsic goal setting for one month, you'll be mindblower by how your mindset in approaching these goals subconsciously changes.  This is something and extrinsic approach has never yielded.

When your goals deeply align holistically with what you want your future to look like, it will keep you motivated long-term.


Intrinsic Goals 🤝 Fitness

Lifting heavy weights is not easy. Running 8 miles is also not easy. Doing 15 pull ups (at least for me) is also…not easy! 

Working out consistently to see results requires both discipline and motivation, otherwise what is going to push you to power through that last set of heavy squats when you already feel like your legs are about to give out, but you KNOW that this is the point where muscle growth happens? 

Now we all know that when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, consistency is key. I don’t know about you, but sometimes for me just getting myself to the gym can be the hardest part of working out. Finding the motivation to push my body to a new limit can be a struggle.  It’s not comfortable and it wasn’t meant to be.

It’s in moments like these that intrinsic goals work their ✨magic✨ within you. Let me show you…


Why do you workout?

➡️ To lose weight? Build strength? To tone up?

Why do you want those things?

➡️ To feel confident in your body? Feel more capable in doing physical activities? To be around to run around with your grandchildren? Maybe all of that?

Why do you want to feel that way?

➡️ Because you want to experience life more fully and show appreciation for every moment you’re alive?


So if you’re still not prioritizing building strength, it means you’re spending more time not living your life to it’s fullest capacity. You are essentially saying you’re ok or ok enough with where you are right now.

However, when you prioritize your workouts regardless of whether you feel that fire (aka extrinsic motivation) you may even find yourself enjoying your workouts more than usual. This is because the thought of you becoming your dream self is active in your mind and you know that you are doing everything in your power in this moment to become that person. You are staying true to what you said you would do and that in itself build confidence.

Intrinsic goal setting works because understanding your “true why” helps you realize that there is a lot more harm done in not pursuing your goal than there is in pushing yourself towards it. 

Answer those three questions above for yourself. ⬆️ Maybe even write your answers down on a post it note and stick it to your mirror so that everyday you can be reminded of who you want to be and what it takes to get there.  Continuously ask why to your why until you get to the root.  Because THAT is your “true why.”

It’s simple. No matter your goal, you map out how to get there (intrinsic goal setting), and everyday you take the steps to achieve it.


Self-development is a beautiful thing isn’t it! Let’s do this.

I’m hosting a 2024 Goal Setting Mastery Workshop at the end of this month: Vision to Victory (aka V2V).  In this workshop we are going to be utilizing your core values to create and outline your 2024.  Imagine every day bringing you closer to your closer to your dreams, waking up with a deep sense of purpose, and your actions aligning perfectly with your values.

This is not just another goal setting workshop where we simply write things out, make them "SMART," and motivate each other.  That's great and all, but I'M GIVING YOU SOMETHING THAT WORKS AND FLOWS IN YOUR LIFE.


  • I'll be sharing journal prompts with you beforehand so you can take time to get to know yourself and your core values.
  • We'll be looking at various areas of your life: relationship, physical health, friendship, money, etc to outline what you want to get out of 2024.
  • We will create a vision board to bring it to life.
  • We will break bigger goals into small, manageable, and enjoyable tasks.
  • And lastly, we will troubleshoot for possible roadblocks and plan ahead so that 2024 for reach it's fullest potential!


Are you ready to unlock the potential of 2024, set your course, and embark on your Vision to Victory journey?

The workshop will be held virtually November 29 & 30 3-5pm PST.  If you're not able to attend in person it will be recorded and available to purchase for replay and kept forever!  If you're reading this after it has been held, you can use the same link to purchase the replay.




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