Let's create an online business you love that allows you to live your life with freedom, ease, and flow



Your goals of building a profitable business that gives you more time and energy freedom may not be as far off as you think...

I used to be where you are…


I had a dream in my mind but I was struggling to bring it to fruition.


It seemed like everyone else on social media had it figured out but I was clueless.


I wanted to quit my soul-sucking job so badly but it was like…how would I make money??

Now I help people like YOU,

people who are ME,


quit your soul sucking job,

build a business you love,


and live out you dream life

Every. Single. Day.


I know it sounds unrealistic and maybe like a dream…


To have slow mornings

To have time for yourself period.

To work less and make more.

To have time for hobbies.

To have time to help others.

To get paid to do something you love.


You may even feel a bit wack-a-doo for wanting this for yourself.

Myself and my clients are replacing our past income and MORE while having more free time on our hands to actually LIVE LIFE.


What would you do with 4+ extra hours in a day?

  • Sleep

  • Learn a language

  • Get coffee with a friend

  • Tan and read

  • Take your kids to the park

  • Get involved supporting the community


"If someone needs help getting organized in their business or not sure how to make their dreams come true in their business she is your gal!"
- Satisfied Client



Here's How Business Mentorship with Estelle Can Help You

Work With Your Personality


ALL business models can work, but not all will work for you if you want to have a happy life.  Establishing a model and creation process that works with your personality is the only way to make business an exciting experience.


Identify Weaknesses and Play With Strengths


Not knowing how to utilize your strengths and weakness is like not knowing how to drive a car.  You need to protect yourself and you need to get from A to B.  This is what Estelle helps you do in business.


Stop Feeling Alone in Your Business


Feeling alone in business is common because many of your struggles are not understood by friends and family.  When you work with a coach or mentor, your struggles are normalized and you feel supported.





  • A clear content plan to attract clients and buyers
  • Your DMs blowing up with inquiries
  • Getting paid to do what you love
  • Living in the moment because each moment is like a dream



  • Not knowing what to post
  • Having little to no interest in your services
  • Working your butt off doing something you don’t even like
  • Simply dreaming of your next vacation


includes but is not limited to


  • Voice Messaging Support M-F during business hours
  • 6 60-Min 1:1 Calls
  • Content Reviews
  • Email Funnel Design
  • Offer Strategy and Alignment

"I feel very excited to keep going and creating more with my business."


"Over the 3 months she helped me identify initial offers and how to set up avenues to branch off of in the future. She helped me create and mailing list, newsletter, blog posts, free and paid for offers on my website. In our final call she also help me set up as plan of how I can keep things going and keep making new offers for my clients. I feel very excited to keep going and creating more with my business."

- Whitney Schieve



How is Working with Estelle Different?


Build Your Dream Life

Estelle knows you're not building your business for the heck of it.  It's to create a life you love.  Everything you do inside business mentorship with Estelle will ensure you are building a life you want, not just a profitable business.


Make It Fun!

If you can't enjoy being in your business, what is the point of starting it anyways? Every person enjoys creating, teaching, and selling in different ways.  Finding your strengths and working with them is going to be crucial to your longevity in business.


Let Your Uniqueness Shine!

Let's be honest: most businesses have been done before.  But YOU have not.  What is going to make your business successful is not just your service or product.  It's going to be you, how you create, how you sell, and the feeling you leave with people.  No one else can do that but you.

Hi, I’m Estelle!


Sales and business used to NOT be my thing.

In fact, I was afraid to talk about money and I had no idea how to start a business let alone replace my income.  You might as well have taken me to mars and been speaking an alien 👽 language to me when you talked about business.

Fast forwards just a few years and it’s my jam. 🎶  I would not be where I am today if it was not for the coaches I’ve worked with in the past and programs I’ve taken.  I myself used to think business coaches and mentors were a gimmick, just another fancy industry, something you didn’t really need but once I got my taste I didn’t go back.  To this day I LOVE having support in my business and yes, will pay just be in the energy of someone who is at the level I want to be at. 

Building my business not just any way, but in a way that gave me freedom, has totally changed my life and even my health.

I want to help you with this too because I KNOW you have a dream in your heart and something unique to share with the world:  something no one else has.  We (everyone) needs you.  Let’s bring you out from hiding, share what you have with the world, and make money doing it!



Applying allows both of us make sure this is the best possible next step.  I know I’m a great coach, but I want to make sure I’m the right coach for YOU and I want you to feel confident in your decision too.  You will receive a reply to your application with in 3 business days