Hi! I’m Estelle


I’m a personal trainer, life coach, wife, world traveler, natural born leader and speaker, serious, yet fun loving, dog mom!

When I’m not coaching clients, creating courses, researching topics, or podcast recording, you can find me weightlifting, studying Mandarin, cooking in my kitchen, or at aerial silks!

Phillip (my husband) and I lived in Shanghai for 6 years but settled in Bend, OR in 2021.  We love being surrounded by nature, hiking when it's warm enough, and checking out coffee shops and book stores when its not.

How I Got Here 


Before getting into fitness education and personal training I struggled a lot with body image and primary used a bunch of gimmicky methods to try to get the body I thought I wanted.  Eventually my body image issues came to the front along with developing a passion for fitness and learning about the human body, but controlling my body was only a way to cope with a perceived lack of control elsewhere in life.  I soon became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and while I did know quite a bit about fitness, I didn't know much about overall health.

Fast forward 4 years  >>>  my methodologies have totally changed.  I help women shift their primary focus away from weight loss, teach them about their body, and help them fall in love with the process of getting strong and healthy.

Through my experience I know that education is the foundation of making these changes for yourself.  Learning the WHYS and the HOWs behind what you do empowers you to confidently navigate the health and fitness world.

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