custom designed workout and mobility programming with 1:1 support for the unique stage in your fitness journey



“She showed me just how much my body was capable of.  She has completely changed my outlook on personal training and fitness."

– Lara K.


I loved working with Estelle!  She was kind, encouraging and you feel like she’s really rooting for you to succeed. She’s straightforward without guilt tripping, and always made me feel like I could achieve the goals we had set in place.  I would recommend anyone to work with her!  One of the best decisions I made all 2020 was to work with her! “

– Rayna O.


I Know Where You're At...


You've put SO much time into working out and aren’t seeing the progress you want.

You’ve done all kinds of Youtube workouts, follow along videos, and classes.  But nothing is quite cutting it.

 You feel clueless and overwhelmed when it comes to lifting technique and form.

 You have tons of workouts + stretching + mobility routines saved on your Instagram and you kinda just try them all hoping something will work or do the trick.

 You think maybe its your genetics, metabolism, hormones, “lack of self-control” or motivation, or maybe that you need to do more cardio or do another extreme diet.


I know this because I did the same thing.


You want...


to know what you’re doing is worth your time.

a clear workout program that you KNOW is going to bring you to your goals.

to know that you’re using the right for your body, your goals, and decrease your risk of getting hurt.

to feel energized, happy, and confident from your workouts.

to have the energy to run around with your kids or not be heaving by the time you get to the top of a flight of stairs.

to trust that your body is doing the right thing and that you’re doing your best by it.

My clients who come to me with a history of workout + diet hopping have better results in 3 months than they have in YEARS of trying to do it on there own.

Why? Because they stop guessing and start following a proven strategy.

My only regret is not doing this sooner because it has changed my life so much for the better.


"I would encourage anyone, but especially moms, not to put yourself on the back burner. My only regret is not doing this any sooner because it has changed my life so much for the better. I am a better mom. I am more organized. Everything is in its proper place and Estelle helped me achieve that."

- Alyssa L.


This is Why You Need Personal Training


  • Work with me (a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, behavior change specialist, and life coach) You receive my undivided attention and are my top priority client.


  • I create a personalized program for you based on your lifestyle, goals, exercise history, anatomy, time restraints, likes, and dislikes.  Without this it can be nearly impossible to make long-term changes.


  • You can receive gentle nutrition guidance because this plays an important role this plays in your progress.


  • Together we can fine tune your form, work on developing a healthier mindset towards exercise, food, your body, and habit development that will support this becoming a long-term change…this isn’t just a fling.

Say goodbye to...


Having no idea what to do in the weight room

Relying on HOPE to see results from the workouts you saved on IG and Pinterest.

Feeling like a failure because all of your hard work just isn’t paying off

Wondering how in the world to modify exercises when you have low back, hip, shoulder, and knee pain

Cramming your workout into your busy schedule and stressing out about other things the whole way through

Say hello to...


Clarity and confidence in the weight room

Knowing exactly what to do with a barbell

Seeing consistent and steady results from your work

Getting better results for less time and effort

Understanding how to do all the movements for YOUR body

No more aches, pains, snaps, crackles, or pops while

Workouts that fit YOUR life and YOUR schedule




100% personalized to your body, time restrictions, health conditions, equipment availability and more.  I help you workout SMARTER, not HARDER.


I teach you how to lift in a way that improves mobility, not making you tight, and also give you personalized correctional mobility work when needed.


I educate you in the process because I want you to (1) have confidence in what you are doing and (2) not have to rely on a trainer for your whole life.


In addition to our 1:1 calls every other week, I’m there M-F 9-5 to hold you accountable and even spy your completed workouts a bit behind the scenes.


Check Out My Girls' Success




  • as many personalized workouts as you need per phase with 4-8 week splits 
  • video demonstrations for all exercises and mobility work
  • personalized dashboard on the Trainerize app where you will view your program, track your results, and health targets.  It can sync with your FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, and MyFitnessPal!
  • 1:1 zoom coaching calls every other week to discuss progress + lifestyle changes
  • Nutrition Coaching (available as an upgrade.)

Go to Estelle!


"Whenever I hear a friend, or any woman, that is like, 'I wanna learn how to do this.  I'm not really sure what I should do.  How should I do this?'  I'm like, "Go to Estelle!"



How Am I Different From Other Trainers?

I can relate.


I’ve had ups and downs between being "out of shape" and obsessively controlled.  I have found healthy balance between those where my body functions best.  This is the place I guide you to.

Everything is virtual.


Online training is a FANTASTIC alternative to in-person.  It offers much more value for a fraction of the cost.  I can support you more easily through thick and thin.

I push you the right amount.


I am not a pushy coach, but I do know when you need a little push.  I see myself as your guide, help you take action, but you’re the one doing it.

I care about long-term change.


The work we do together gives you tools you can use for your whole life.  No quick fixes here!

I didn’t think personal training would make such a big difference, but it has!  I’m excited!  When I know I have a workout the next day, I go to bed excited for it to be the next day.  Like a kid!”


– Satisfied Client


“Estelle was so sweet and understanding.  She pushed me without making me feel guilty.  She was always available to talk and happy to help.  She explained how and why to do things and educated me.  Her support has changed my view of my body.


– Haley



Hi! I'm Estelle!


I haven’t always been healthy or fit.  I was VERY inconsistent with exercise and relied on Youtube, Pinterest, and BeachBody for all my workouts and I thought trainers were only for accountability.

I’ve also been on the other end of the spectrum: obsessive with my exercise regime and what I ate.  So much so to the point where it affected my mental and physical health in a bad way.

I have since found a balance between these and guided countless women to find their own balance.

In 2019 I became an ACE CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), then went on to become a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist and take several courses in women’s hormones, gut health, mineral balance and well.

I keep learning so that I can be the best trainer and educator possible.

Imagine this...


You have a workout program that flows with your current lifestyle.

You’re spending LESS TIME working out for even BETTER RESULTS.

You know your workouts are helping you toward your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Your workouts leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day instead of drained and sore.

You understand the why behind everything in your workout.

You have personalized support (me) in your back pocket at all times.





Why Apply?


An application allows both of us to make sure this is the best possible next step for each of us.

After receiving your application, I will reply via email with either (1) accepting or (2) recommendations of something else more suitable.


Personal Training


3-month minimum

  • personalized workout programming with 4-8 week splits
  • personal profile on the Trainerize app
  • 1:1 messaging with Estelle M-F 9-5 PST
  • 45-min zoom calls 2x month
  • monthly email check-in on the first of every month

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching


3-month minimum

  • everything from Personal Training
  • 60-min zoom calls (not 45-min)
  • weekly feedback on all meals tracked inside MyFitnessPal
  • calorie & macro recommendations
  • personalized meals and recipes

Having worked with many coaches myself, I fully understand the fear behind investment.

Investing can be scary, but for the sake of transparency after working with me, many of my clients didn’t need to keep seeing their…

  • physical therapist
  • chiropractor
  • bodyworker
  • therapist

I am ABSOLUTELY NOT a replacement for any of these and cannot guarantee that this will happen for you, but it does speak to the possibility and how undervalued high-quality personal training can be.

I have NEVER had a client say they regretted our time together or investing in themself, even when it was scary.

Your health is the most important thing you will ever invest in.



Book a Consultation


Estelle understands that you may still have questions after reading through everything.

If you are SERIOUS about potentially working with her and would like to learn more or just get to know how you two would vibe together before committing, go ahead and book a consultation to learn more.