Four Reasons You Need a Fitness Plan

beginner workout fitness strong 1.0 workout program Apr 18, 2023


If you are regularly setting aside time to move your body, workout, or exercise, whether that’s at the gym or at home, I APPLAUD YOU!  However, there are many benefits to using a fitness plan and many potential dangers to NOT having one for extended periods of time.


As a certified personal trainer working with clients in group settings and 1:1 every day, I see how much value having a fitness plan can really bring someone.  You can read HERE about how I work with my 1-1 clients.  This doesn’t mean you need to hire a personal trainer to help you with all workouts.  You can if you want, but you don’t have to.  I do, however, encourage you to start following a plan.


Here are four reasons why…


Having a Plan Provides Detailed Structure

I’m sure you seen (or been) the girl who walks into the gym, checks out the weight room, and then goes straight the cardio equipment because you just don’t know what to do.  I’ve been that girl, too!  That can all be avoided with a plan though.  A plan will tell you exactly which exercise, how many sets, how many reps, your rest time, and it SHOULD provide you with form tips as well.  There should be nothing left to the imagination. A workout being mentally taxing, it should rejuvenate you!


Having a Plan Helps Prevent Over + Under Training

You may thing that having a plan sounds serious and you’re more likely to over-train WITH a plan, but that’s actually wrong.  Without a plan you’re more likely to train muscle groups too close together, not get enough recovery, or even do the opposite!  Under-training is quite common, too – not working out when you could, not pushing yourself when it’s actually the perfect opportunity.  A plan has your workouts perfectly spaced apart.  This means an appropriate plan gives you maximum benefit for minimal effort.


Having a Plan Gives You Goals

Every workout plan is different.  They are all created to help you reach different goals.  You can check out my at-home beginner lifter plan HERE and my membership HERE.  All plans are for a certain period of time (for example, 4 weeks – 8 weeks – 12 weeks.). By the end of that time, you will have accomplished the goal of that plan along with the micro goals set for you along the way!


Having a Plan Saves Time and Energy

Imagine trying to learn to drive a stick shift without a teacher.  You might be able to do it, but how much longer would it take you due to all the trial and error?  It’s similar with a workout program.  You MIGHT be able to reach X goal without it, but you might not.  And if you do, I guarantee it will take a lot longer.  It will require more brain power, and you also risk under-training or over-training.  Having a plan is just the way to go.


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